WSBK – The decision of BMW Motorrad Motorsport return to WorldSBK was made at the last moment

WSBK – The decision of BMW Motorrad Motorsport return to WorldSBK was made at the last moment

Решение BMW Motorrad Motorsport о возвращении в WorldSBK было принято в последний момент

Mark Bongers, technical Director BMW Motorrad Motorsport told the nuances of the company’s return to the world Superbike championship in 2019.

RACING.RU, November 8, 2018 – BMW Motorrad has entered in World Superbike in 2009 to develop and promote a brand new product in its lineup – the BMW S 1000 RR, Superbike, created from scratch based on the latest 4-cylinder engine. 5 years more or less successfully fought the Japanese and Italian brands have achieved many wins and podiums, and then shut the program down. The next 5 years BMW championship was represented by private teams, without much success.

In 2009 it was replaced by 3-generation “RR”, and so, last Tuesday, at the Milan Motorcycle factory from Bavaria showed the public fully updated BMW S 1000 RR 2019. At the same time, the plant announced its return to WorldSBK, obviously, for the next 5 years.

“The company’s decision was taken quite late, almost at the last moment, – said Bongers. – It is obvious that 2019 will be a season of design and development of the S 1000 RR, and time to prepare. But whatever level we now have not started, the plan is to continue developing in the next few years. We work very closely with our production Department, so expect to get maximum technical support from the factory. In many areas in electronics, development and improvement of the chassis, we expect to get the most from working on the race track. We worked similarly in the past, so experience is sufficient. We will develop the bike and test it in races – that’s our plan!”


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